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Send us details of your requirements and we’ll send you a quotation detailing rates and turnaround.*
Send your file through to us using our secure file upload system.
Our team will transcribe your recording incorporating any layout requirements you may have or using our standard template.
Your transcript will be proofread by our central office.
Your completed transcript will be returned to you in word format via email along with your invoice.
*If there are any problems with the audio quality of your recording, which are likely to affect the quality of the transcript we produce for you we’ll let you know immediately on receipt of the uploaded file.  If this is the case we may need to make an additional charge for the extra time we’ll need to spend transcribing the recording.  We will not proceed with the transcript until you have confirmed that you are happy to accept a higher rate.  If you decide not to go ahead you will not be charged.  
Some companies charge extra for proofreading of transcripts.  Our philosophy is that anything leaving our offices reflects on our reputation and so should be thoroughly checked before being sent back to a client.  We want everybody who uses our service to be satisfied and to recommend us to others.  A large proportion of our business comes from personal recommendation and we want this to continue!

Our charges are competitive and vary according to the turnaround and we charge per audio minute, starting at just 90 pence per minute.  We are able to offer a discount on large orders and also provide a discount on our services to registered charities.

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